• Available courses

      De-Junk Kids

      A 6-day journey loaded with fun and learning as we healthify junk foods with Holistic Nutrition Health Coach Saee Bapat.  

      • Know the long term effects of unhealthy foods on your child’s health

      • Learn the healthier version of your child’s favorite junk foods - healthy plus simple to make and tasty

      • Replace artificial foods with natural ingredients

      • Tips & tricks to make your child fall in love with our junky substitutes

      • 25+ kid friendly recipes, delivered through videos/text  

      Science of Natural Healing

      This course provides a basic understanding of the principles of nature cure and its implementation in our daily living to achieve optimum health. It provides a clear scientific and rational explanation of the body’s actions to maintain balance. Simple concepts of physics are connected with the working of the body functions. This course answers your questions related to “Why Disease“ and how to achieve maximum health following a holistic path.

      Indian Healthy Rasoi

      This e-learning course takes you on a trip uncovering the processes to create salads, juices, oil-free dishes and yummy desserts, created by an expert holistic nutritionist, Vinita Contractor. She explains cooking techniques, discusses the right cooking methodology, cookware and much more in her video lectures. By the end of this course, you'll be able to make healthy meals for yourself and your loved ones. This course is suitable for everyone: a beginner or an existing health enthusiast.