Circardian Rhythm and our food


A circadian rhythm is any biological process that displays a repetitive cycle every 24 hours, i.e. the same set of functions happen again & again over 24 hours. Regarding food, our body works in a rhythm. Its ability to deal with food depends on the effective functioning of three-body cycles. Although these 3 functions are continuously going on in the body, a particular function is more intense during a certain time of the day. They work in approximately 8-hour cycles.

  1. 4 am - 12 pm: FRUITS

In this duration, the body is in its Elimination stage i.e. getting rid of body wastes & food debris. We can support the body by eating food that is -

    1. Easy to digest such that the body can focus on elimination.

    2. Support the body in cleaning up its waste.

Hence, eat light during the elimination stage – fruits are the easiest to digest & also help the body clean up its waste.

  1. 12 pm - 8 pm: COOKED FOOD

In this duration, the body is in its Appropriation stage, i.e eating & digestion of food. Body’s capability to digest food is at its peak. Hence, if you wish to take any heavy to digest foods, they should be taken during lunchtime only. For eg: Let’s take the example of cooked food. The body has to spend more energy in breaking down cooked food vis-a-vis raw food. Hence, eat cooked food at lunch, when the digestion function is at its peak.


  1. 8 pm - 4 am: NO FOOD or NATURAL FOOD

This is the time when the body is in its Absorption stage, i.e. nutrients received during the day are absorbed by the body & used to make new cells & tissues.

It is best not to eat during this period. When you must eat like when feeling hungry or travelling, avoid eating difficult to digest food, allowing your body to focus on absorbing & using nutrients from the food you ate through the day.

    1. Eat light – A raw veggie salad with nuts & seeds is a good option.

    2. Eat early, eat a few hours before you go off to sleep so that the digestion work is already over & body can focus on absorption & use when you are asleep.

    3. Eat food that supports the repair process - Drinking nut milk before going to bed is soothing for the body & can help in sleeping better. A good night's sleep supports body repair & maintain cells & tissues.

Last modified: Wednesday, 29 January 2020, 7:18 PM