Welcome to the course

Welcome to the program please go through the Zoom call summary and key flow of program will be:

  1. Each day a video recipe will be posted and additional text recipes
  2. Recipes will be posted on the evening of the previous day
  3. The ingredient list for 2 days will be posted in advance
  4. The team will be available to answer your queries from 9-11 am and 3-6 pm IST every day
  5. We will have a final zoom call on 4th April at 4 pm
  6. The online course link will be shared and it will be active for 3 weeks
  7. Use Whatsapp wisely and make sure posts are aligned to the program

Please remember:

  1. You don’t have to try every recipe but try at least one
  2. Engage kids in the process under your guidance
  3. Don’t fear mistakes rather taken them as learning steps
  4. Share your success, failures in the group because everyone learns in the process

Please download the Ingredient list you will need for the course. Don't worry if you do not have a particular item during the course we will suggest alternative options.

Also, enclosed important tools you will need. Mixer-grinder is essential. The rest of the items are important but not essential.

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